Saturday, July 4, 2015

We are One - Kuwait

We will Win the War on Terror

Last Friday 26th Jun 2015 we had experienced one of the worst terror attacks of all times in Kuwait. The attack by a suicide bomber killed 27 people and injured another 227. Around 2000 worshippers were praying in the mosque at the time of attack. It was a moment of sadness, grief and disbelieve for all. Many of us have always regarded Kuwait as one of the safest places to stay in the world, but this attack has changed all those equations forever.

ISIS has claimed responsibility of the attack on the 'Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq' Mosque which is one of the oldest mosques in Kuwait, located in the Sawabir district in Sharq area. The mosque is attended mainly by Shia Muslim worshippers.

On the brighter side... what this attack has done is that it has brought the Shia and Sunni communities in Kuwait more close to each other. People had poured in from all sectors whether it is for donating blood or paying the last tributes for the ones who lost their lives in this deadly attack. Also I have to make one special mention here - HH the Amir of Kuwait himself visited the blast site shortly after the attack against the advice of security officials. This goes to show his resolve to keep Kuwait united and safe.

I had been to the Blood Bank that evening since there was a sudden shortage in the blood reserves. I had anticipated some rush, since many would like to help. However, to my surprise the place was so jam packed that there wasn't any place to stand, let alone donate. I asked one the officials, he informed me that the quota for the day was full and I would have to come the next day. This only goes out to show that all Kuwaitis as well as expats had united at this point in crisis and not everything was bad after the blasts.

Saudi national Fahd Suliman Abdul-Muhsen al-Qabaa carried out Friday's atrocity in a Kuwait mosque. He had arrived to Kuwait the same day at dawn from Saudi via Bahrain. His family in Saudi was quick to declare that he had been disowned by the family due to his extremist ideology and sent cable of condolences to the families of the lost ones as well as Kuwaiti and Saudi government. I have my reservations towards such families as the upbringing of the children with good ideology and character lies primarily with the family followed by friends, colleagues etc. So, if the child of the family goes off-track its the responsibility of the family to get him back on-track. And if the family is not able to do so, then there could be a potential problem with the values and ideas of the family itself. Of Course there are always some exceptions but i bet the percentage is going to be very small.

"There is no life to be found in violence. Every act of violence brings us closer to death. Whether it's the mundane violence we do to our bodies by overeating toxic food or drink or the extreme violence of child abuse, domestic warfare, life-threatening poverty, addiction, or state terrorism." - Bell Hooks

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Men's Body Groomer

Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100

     I recently came across this body groomer for which I was pleasantly surprised. "Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100" is very functional trimmer/shaver. I was supposed to buy a different trimmer but by chance i discovered this one and I have no complains to that.

     All men at early stages of adulthood find it hard to clean the groin area. Its always a lot of hassle switching between various options like electric trimmers, shavers, razors and trying not to get cut could be time consuming as well.

     When I used this groomer for the first time it was like a breeze. Very quick and functional, period. I have never been so confident cleaning my groin area before this one. Ofcourse since you are dealing with very sensitive and delicate body parts... you ought to take some caution/care and not take my word for granted. As described this product is to be used below the neck only. However, I use it to trim my beard occasionally and it does the job just fine.

     The highlight of this product is that shaver and trimmer are at opposite ends which saves you a lot of trouble each time you want to switch.
     The downside is that the shaver blades gets stuffed with hair very fast, which means you may need to clean them in between one shave.


Q. From where did I purchase this body groomer and for how much?
A. I bought this body groomer from Amazon for 60$. Add to that another 5KD for shipping to Kuwait.

Here's their link in case you are interested:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Quest to find a Decent Bike in Kuwait

Trek 3700 Disc -2015

     I know Kuwait doesn't sound synonymous with Biking. But off late I have developed an interest in Biking and I went out looking for one. I did my homework online and soon realized there aren't a wide variety of Bike Shops in Kuwait. 

     I have based this blog on Mountain Bike Type, since that’s what I wanted to buy. The other common Bike Type is Road Bike. However, most of the contents here should be common for both bike types and prices would be similar as well. Well, with time I have learned that Road Bikes are very different from Mountain Bikes. Road Bikes are designed to run on paved road with speed. Their sizes are different from Mountain Bikes. Road bike prices are also much higher than mountain bikes.

List of Bike Shops in Kuwait:
  • Extreme Sports – Trek Bikes, USA (Popular Bike Shop in Kuwait)
  • VIB Bikes - Orbea, Spain
  • Decathlon - B’twin, France (Budget Friendly Bikes)
  • LillyWhites - Trek and Giant
  • Sports Direct - MuddyFox (Affordable)
  • BMTS Salmiya - Raleigh and Diamond Back (More of a Repair Shop)
  • Marina Mall Food Court - I spotted a couple of mountain bikes at one of the toy shops there for around 45/-KD but I'm uncertain about its quality.
  • Sharq Bike Market - Mostly all cheap bikes here and are not likely to last  for long and tough terrain

     The choices are limited; however these shops have just enough Bike Types for the Sport Enthusiastic and New Bikers. So what are you waiting for... Just Go for it!

     I am listing the prices of some of the models that I have:

Extreme Sports:
  • Trek 3500: KD. 166/- + 20/- for Disc Brakes
  • Trek 3700: KD. 204/-
  • Trek 3900: KD. 224/-
  • Trek 4300: KD. 272/-
  • Trek 4700: KD. 328/-
  • Trek 4900: KD. 400/-
  • Giant Rincon Disc: KD. 219/-
  • Trek 3500: KD. 195/-
  • Trek 3700: KD. 185/- (w/o Disc)
  • Trek 3700: KD. 215/-
  • Trek 4300: KD. 320/-
  • B’twin Rockrider 300: KD. 69/- (Leisure MTB, 21 Speed)
  • B’twin Rockrider 5.1 C2 2013: KD. 92/-
  • B’twin Rockrider 500: KD. 137/- (Sport MTB)
  • B’twin Rockrider 520: KD. 210/-                                
  • B’twin Rockrider 8.0: KD. 265/-
  • B’twin Rockrider 9.1: KD. 460/-
Sports Direct:
  • MFX 20” Download du: KD. 49/-
  • MFX 24” Boys Mayhem: KD. 64/-
  • MFX 24” Girls Kansas: KD. 64/-
  • MFX 26” Gents Devil: KD. 64/-
  • MFX 26” Ladies White: KD. 64/-
  • MFX 26” Ladies Minne: KD. 69/-
  • CDT Bellano 700c Tou: KD. 145/-
  • CDT Braus Road Bike: KD. 149/-
  • CDT Loire 700c Comm: KD. 145/-
     Note: The Prices have been collected a couple of months back and may not reflect the current price.
Bike Size
     Two important aspects to consider for Bike Size:
Bike Frame:
     16” & 18” are the most common sizes that would fit an average adult.

Bike Frame Size                  Rider Height                 Rider Height (cm)
13-14 inches X Small              4 ’ 10” - 5 ’ 2”               148   -   158
15-16 inches Small                 5 ’ 2”   - 5 ’ 6”               158   -   168
17-18 inches Medium              5 ’ 6”   - 5 ’ 10”             168   -   178
19-20 inches Large                 5 ’ 10” - 6 ’ 1”               178   -   185
21-22 inches X Large              6 ’ 1”   - 6 ’ 4”               185   -   193
23-24 inches XX Large            6 ’ 4”   - 6 ’ 6”               193   -   198

Source: Evan Cycles

Bike Tires:
     26” is the standard size that available for an average adult. However, 29” has started to get more popular off-late.

     There are a lot of sources online giving you exact details as to what you might need to consider for buying a bike. So, don’t be in a hurry and make sure the size is right for you.

Important Bike Accessories:
  • Saddle Bag
  • Spare tube
  • pair of tire levers
  • mini pump
  • mini multi-tool
  • Head and Tail Lights
  • Bike Computer
  • Bell / Horn
  • Water Bottle
  • Locks

  • Helmet
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Glasses

     Note: Decathlon in Marina Mall is a good value Bike Shop in Kuwait, especially for Bike Gear & Accessories.


What Bike did I Buy?
I bought myself Trek 3700 Disc - 2015. It comes with Hydraulic disc brakes, 24-Speed, 26” wheels and aluminum frame.

What Next?
There is a group called DBCK which goes on weekly trips every Friday to different locations in and around Kuwait. I have been riding with them for a few weeks now and it has made my money spent on the bike worthwhile. If you are interested in joining them, here's their link:

Alternatively you could cruise along the Corniche on the gulf road for some good evening outings.

Can I use my Bike as a mode of transport?
Kuwait basically doesn't have a Biking culture as compared to many countries in the West. So, there aren't any ready-made tracks for Bikes etc. which means you have to make use of the existing footpath and roads. You could still go around from one place to another by finding your own way out and making sure it’s safe. Also, Bike parking is a problem here... So you have to take it with you wherever you go or park it at your own risk.

Why did I decide to buy a Bike in Kuwait?
I had been doing a bit of jogging during the evenings for a few years now, to keep a check on my weight. But I couldn't do it regularly and often lost motivation after a few weeks because of the effort that goes in. So I decided to look for alternatives and discovered that Biking takes less stress and comparatively easier to continue over a longer period of time.
     So far I'm not disappointed :)